Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC

Holistic Psychotherapist

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~After each of my sessions with Jennifer, I feel such a sense of release and relief, as if I am no longer carrying the same burden and always look forward to our next meeting time.~

~Jennifer is a true healer, she has an ability to really attune with you so that you feel so comfortable sharing at  your deepest level.  I was able to share things with  her that I haven't been able to with any previous therapists~ 
~I love that Jennifer doesn't just "talk" at you, she really engages you.  It's through the experiential work she does with me, that I learn the most about myself so that I can really change~ 
~Intuitively, Jennifer always seems to understand and knows just what I need at the time, whether it is energy work, a meditation, brainspotting, or processing my feelings.~
~I learn so much from Jennifer, she has so many useful tools that I can easily implement into my every day life.~
~Jennifer is so nurturing and gentle with me, she just meets me where I am at and then gently nudges me when I need it also.~
~Jennifer's real passion is in helping her clients step into their own personal power.  She helps to expand my awareness so that I can create the life that I truly want.~
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