Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC

Holistic Psychotherapist


Eating Disorders

I am devoted to the unique needs of individuals suffering from eating disorders. I have 15 years of specialized training, both including inpatient and outpatient in this area of treatment. We know the earlier anyone receives treatment for an eating disorder the better their chance for a meaningful and lasting recovery. Struggling with an eating disorder can be a long and winding path to reach full recovery. It is my goal is to provide hope and healing to those affected with eating disorders.

My approach to the treatment of eating disorders is centered on the individual. All aspects of the individual's life are explored. I do not focus solely on the symptoms of the eating disorder. I use an integrated holistic approach to include mind, body, emotion, and spirit to assist one in the path towards continued recovery.  

Brainspotting has also been extremely effective in accelerating the healing, as it quickly gets to the core issues that cause the patterns of thoughts, behavior, and habits to perpetuate.