Jennifer M. Warner, MSE, LPC  - Counseling Services

    Jennifer M. Warner, Licensed Professional Counselor & Holistic Psychotherapist
    Welcome to my HOLISTIC Psychotherapy Practice, where I focus on the whole person mind, body, spirit, and emotion. I believe that all 4 areas need to be addressed to fully heal.  It is through the combination of "talk therapy" along with experiential and holistic approaches that enable my clients to go more deeply into their own healing process and transformation.  These approaches include the healing of the neurology of the brain, the conscious and the subconscious.  
    With this approach, clients are able to shift out of old patterning, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that have been blocking them from living a full life. This type of therapy helps to accelerate the healing by getting to the deeper core issues. My work with others is creative and integrates mind-body therapies.  
    I am known for my warm, gentle and approachable nature, which helps to create a nurturing healing space for people who wish to make changes. These approaches have best assisted me on my own personal journey of healing and awakening as well.

    Therapy Approaches

    -Brainspotting (see menu page for additional info.)
    -Cognitive Behavioral 
    -Body/Energy Awareness Techniques
    -Breathing Exercises
    -Mindfulness Practices
    -Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (see menu page for additional info.)
    -Art Therapy
    -Guided Imagery and Visualization Processes
    -Guided Meditation
    -Emotional Freedom Tapping

    My Office Space
    Clients' comment on how comfortable and at peace they feel in my clinic.
    Jennifer M. Warner, LPC counseling office
    Jennifer M. Warner, LPC counseling office